Information about the Economy System

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Information about the Economy System

Post by Michl (A) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:24 pm

All companys can work on their own, but they will only reach 100% productivity when they work together.

Company jobs:
The Goldcrest Transportation Inc. transports everything between the farms, the sellingpoints and their storage. They also have seeds, fertilizer and pig food in their storage. The other companies have to order these at the Transportation Inc. (here on the forum), and it will be delivered in the next 24 hours. The Transportation Inc. also transports the bigger equipment from the companies to the fields. For this you have to make a transport request (on the forum), and your machines will be transported in the next 24hours. Don't worry, there is enough you can do at your company in the meantime!

The farm produces wheat, soy, barley, sunflowers and corn. They also make strawbales, which are needed at the animal farms. The  Strawbales will be picked up by and stored at the transportation storage, or they will be delivered direct to the customer (When there is an open order on the Forum)

The pig farm is also a rental company. They rent out manure and slurry equipment. When you're out of slurry, they come to fill it up. They also pick up the slurry and manure from the cow farm.

The cow farm has 2 jobs, feed their cows and make silage for the BGA.

The sheep farm only has to make hay to feed their sheeps. They also can sell hay to the cow farm.

The beet company & the potato company only have to grow their own crops (beets or potatoes), store them and let the transportation company bring them to the selling point.

The logging company has 2 jobs, produce popular and make logs and woodchips. It's also their job to keep a nice forrest, if they cut trees they have to plant new ones!

Economy system
On the server we use a payment system for all companies.
The transportation company is the only company that sells the goods. They store most at their storage, and from time to time they will sell a specific thing. They will write on the forum how much money was made with the sell. This money goes to the company that produced the goods.

What can you do with the money?

          . Buy new machines. The costs for a machine are the prices in the shop +10%.
          . Rent a machine. The machine you rent will be yours for 1 day.
          . Buy seeds, fertilizer or pigfood.
          . Buy manure or slurry from the pigfarm.

. Hire a worker for 1 Realtime Hour from another Company

. Change the company colour. You first have to agree with another company to change, because all colours are in use!

. Get a mod in game. Everyone from your company has to agree on getting the mod, and it has to be aproved by the admins!

. Get a complete new setup for your company. For example, new sheds, fences or other things. This includes prices of sheds.

The other part of the economy system is to grow your company:

At the start, your company will have only 1 field. The sheep and cow farms don't have farms, they can use the grass around the fields. The farm starts with 5 fields. When you earned enough money, you can buy new fields, machines, animals and other things.

When you Earnd Money with youre Company you can Buy more Fields and when a Company is Empty for a Longer time  (1 Month) a other Company Can Buy it for 2 Months and after this Time it will be again a own Company where a Expirienced Leader can Apply.
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