Informations about the Ranking System

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Informations about the Ranking System

Post by Michl (A) on Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:17 am

AT the First notice: In this Company you will never be a leader because ist the Company of the Server owner because we manage a lot on this ser and the deliveries can only be done by the Serverowner too because you have too use the Equipment of the Other Companys to unload and this is Strictly Forbiddn for the Normal Players.

So here are the "Ranks" in the Goldcrest Transportation Inc. :

We dont Really have normal Ranks or a Pointsystem in here because ist the only Company without a changeable Leader Position.

But when you make youre´Job Correct I give you from Time to Time better Jobs what you have to do and when you made all with out making bullshit you can get out of the Bulk Devision and you will be Able to Transport Mashines and Animals and making Storage Runs with a Flatbed from the Shop to the Storage,.

The Bulk Devision.

So here you are when you are new to the Company here are 3Classes in: The Normal Driver The WHeelloader Driver (He can be a Driver too but he have to do this Job when the sorage have to get empty then he only loads the trucks) and the Foreman who Manages the Bulk Storage and the Transport Orders from the other Companys.


When you make a good Job you can join this Part of the Company. We do all here we make Bulk tranports too but you can Transport Animals Mashines and Pallets on a Flatbed too because sometimes are "storageruns" required when the Storage is nearly empty. The Deliverys to the Costumors are still a Boss JOb Wink
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