Informations about the Job System

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Informations about the Job System

Post by Michl (A) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:59 pm

Before you can join the server for the first time, you have to apply at a company where you want to work. There is something for everyone!

There are the following companies:

The Farm (Hiring)
The Beets Company (Hiring)
The Potato Company (Hiring)
The Cow Farm (Hiring)
The Pig Farm (Hiring)
The Sheep Farm (Hiring)
The Logging Company (Hiring)
The Transport Company (Not hiring)

All companies have different jobs to do. Every company has a leader who has to make sure his company can fulfill the orders of goods. The leader has to tell his employees what to do. If you, as an employee, do a good job, your leader will give you points. If you have 100 (max. points in a company) points, you’ll be the next leader if the old company leader decides to quit or gets fired.
If you leave a company to work for another company, you will lose all your points and start with 0 again. When you apply to a new company, you can write the number of points you had in your previous company in your application form. For a leader, this can be a reason to hire you, because you have experience.

When a company has to much work, they can hire a worker from another company. This is only for a short time (max 1,5 hours) and have to be agreed by the leaders of both companies.

The leader of a company can be fired if he doesn’t keep control of his employees. Also, if he never fulfill the delivery of requested goods, he can be fired. If a leader is fired, he has to apply at a new company. He can’t become a leader for 2 months and he has to make 300 instead of 100 points to become a new leader!

When A Leadeer Leave a Company he can Aplly at an Company where are other Peoples work or he can Aplly as an New Leader of an Empty Company. In this case he dont have to earn Points to reach the Leader Rank.

A worker can be fired if he doesn’t take his job serious, messes up the farm or breaks other rules.

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