Informations about the Goldcrest Transportation Inc.

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Informations about the Goldcrest Transportation Inc.

Post by Michl (A) on Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:56 am

The Goldcrest Transportation Inc. is the Logistic Company on this Server.

It is not only aTransport Company because they make all the Logistcs on the Server it includes:

Warehaousing and Logistics
Special Transport of Heavy Mashines (harveters)
Standart mashine Transports (Tractors etc)
Animal Transport
Bulkgoods and Warehousing

-Warehousing and Logistics:

at the sStorage of the G.T. are allways Pallets of Fertilizer, Pigfood, and Diffferent ssed and allso StrawBales and Beets Pallets (when the Beets Company is Working)
so we take care that you have every time every Thing you Need, you just have to order it. we load and unload self the Pallets thts why the Flatbed is only Driven by Me The Server Admin and maker.
Because for this Job you have to use other Companys Forklifts for unload and load and i want to make sure we are all fine and have no Problems with each other.

-Special Transports of Heavy Equipment:

The Harvesters are not allowed to drive on the Streets so when you have to bring an harvester to a field where you have to use the Streets we come and make it.
we can Make 4 Transports per NIght between 10pm and 6 am when it is allowed to drive with oversice Loads ( you will never see the Truck with The Goldhofer Drive Loadet at the middle of the Day)

-Standart Mashine Transports

The smaller Companys dont have lowloaders Just the Bigger Componys Like the Farm and the LOgging Company so when you Need your tractors moved to an other field call us... we make it.

-Animal Transport

You Need New Animals on Youre Farm or take them away to sell it? call us we make it

-Bulkgoods Transport and warehousing
We allso Store and Transport the Bulkgood (all what have to be Transported in a tipper Trailer)
So youre Company Storage is Full? The Actual Harvest is getting Bigger than you thougt? make a Transport Request and we will comme and Help you out!

Information about Jobs here: As Long the Server has less than 50 active Players the you cant apply for a Job here, allso you Need expierience on this Server then to Apply
Michl (A)

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